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About Us

Migliore has been providing world class car care products made in the USA since 2008. Don Havourd founded Migliore as a talented automotive detailer. Don initially aimed at creating a top quality carnauba wax for his personal use that would out perform the best on the market. After experimentation and rigorous testing, Migliore's Original Carnauba Wax was born. Upon completion of a vehicle detail, Don would share the output of his craft through various channels, including detailing forums. While posting the next series of vehicle details through his detailing channels Don began to mention his new creation, which was the key top layer of protection and gloss. The results spoke for themselves; members of the detailing community were amazed at the result and even offered to purchase the product to try themselves. From there, the snowball effect began. Migliore now has distribution in 14 countries globally and produces 22 unique products.


With that said, Migliore is a company based on quality, not quantity. Each Migliore product is hand poured and inspected for quality; we aim for perfection. As a company, we have no intention of becoming a large, mass distributed, watered down, car care brand. We prefer having a tight knit circle of distributors who have vast knowledge and experience detailing on a concours level. These values allow us to interact with our distributors and customers on a one on one level.

The brand name, Migliore, was inspired by Don's heritage; with his grandfather (surname Lusardi) being of Italian descent.

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