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The benchmark for incredible durability in the coating market!


Ultimo Coating is a new, proprietary, 9H ceramic coating that boasts an industry leading 3 year all weather warranty. Ultimo can be used on trim, glass, and exhaust work while exhibiting a 110º water contact angle. Ultimo Coating leaves an extremely glossy surface while enabling easy cleaning with less risk of marring, thermal and UV resistance, and extreme hydrophobic effects. Ultimo Coating is available to authorized detailers only. Each product carton contains a high quality authentication card with batch and bottle serial number for presentation to your client.


Application: Remove all prior protection with Migliore Citro Shampoo. Apply Ultimo uniformly with a cross hatch pattern in 2'x2' areas. Remove excess coating 2-3 minutes after application. The coating will be hard to the touch within two hours. Full curing will take place after 72 hours. Do not expose the coating to rain in the first 8 hours.


On-going care: Simply put, no polishing or harsh chemicals. All products should be non-abrasive and pH neutral. Migliore Cima Sealant can be used on an on-going basis for maintenance and an additional boost on top of the coating.


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Introducing Ultimo Coating

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