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Industrial Solutions

Migliore has been providing world class car care products made in the USA since 2008. Launched in 2019, we have harnessed our vast knowledge of the coating market to develop industrial solutions made for both 'pre' and 'post' factory installation.

These solutions include, but are not limited to, solar panels, stone, metal, wood, and textile material coatings.

Benefits of our 9H ceramic and graphene coatings include:


  • Anti-corrosion 

    • Corrosion presents itself when materials in the environment chemically react with the surface. Adding a coating creates a protective, transparent, layer between the surface and the environment.

  • Self cleaning

    • Cleanliness and appearance of surfaces is often a key trait. Our coating solutions provide a layer of clear ceramic protection between the material and environment. This increases the water contact angle and significantly reduces time and effort maintaining the surface.​

  • Water Repellency

    • Our coatings keep the surface dry, even normally absorbent and porous materials.​


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