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Migliore Coatings Applied:



-Vehicular damage caused by an accident, collision, scratches, abrasions, vandalism, stone chipping, burns, other paint/coatings or chemicals not designed for use on automotive paint.

-Application of coatings to satin or matte type finish.

-Application of any products above or below the layer of Migliore's ceramic coating.


-Defective application of the coating or subject properties such as less beading or sheeting.
rust damage.

-Damage to any piece of the vehicle other than the clearcoated paintwork.

-Automotive paint defects such as clear coat failure, peeling, or flaking.

-Foreign matter in the paint, or natural disasters such as sand storm.


Please note:  This guarantee applies to the warranty set out in the above table only and is non-transferable.


This guarantee will not apply:

-If the coating was applied by anyone other than an approved Certified Detailer m technician.
-If you previously made a claim under this warranty on two occasions.
-The vehicle is registered or used in a country outside of the USA.
-Migliore is not liable or defective product application, if you have used a technician approved by us and you are unhappy both with the quality of workmanship and the technician failing to rectify, then, provided you notify us within 30 days of application of the coating by the technician,  we will contact the them on your behalf and help you, if we can, to reach a  satisfactory and fair resolution
-You do not supply us with your warranty serial number.

Migliore strongly recommend that you use our after-care products that were supplied to you at time of purchase and also available from follow our video instructions:


To make a claim under this warranty you, or the Al-Futtaim technician who applied the coating, should email us at info@migliorewax.comwith your name, phone number, coating serial number, a photograph of and a brief description of the damage.   We may then arrange for an assessor to inspect the car during normal business hours at a location specified by the assessor.


This guarantee is given by Migliore, LLC, registered office: Migliore: Luxury Care Care, 240 S Water St. Holyoke, MA 01040.




Thank you for choosing Migliore products via our exclusive network of Certified Detailers across the United States. Migliore allows at maximum two Certified Detailers per state, which are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. This exclusive accreditation is not easily achieved or provided. You are in good hands!

If your vehicle is properly cared for, the application of Migliore's coating will protect your vehicle with a flawless finish for years to come. As a reputable provider of car care solutions, featured in the NY Times, Migliore offers a warranty for our Forte Coating, Strata Coating, Leather Armor, and Vista Coating in which we certify the coating will not completely deteriorate, stain, or become discolored within its advertised durability. If it does, our local technicians will reapply the coating at no charge.

Please enter your information below and have your coating serial number, applied via authentication label on your drivers side door jamb, to complete the warranty registration.


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