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Acqua Coating

Acqua Coating


•Ultimate marine protection, 12 month durability

•Nano-cermanic technology

•Hydrophobic properties repel salt and grime

•Reduction in surface tension improves vessel performance and efficiency

•Simple and easy application


Migliore Acqua coating offers your boat or yacht unprecedented protection against the harsh underwater environment. Acqua coating is a cutting edge nano-ceramic coating that offers at least 12 months of protection regardless of weather or climate. The coating creates an incredibly slick ceramic shield that repels salt, dirt, algae, and other contaminants without hard scrubbing. The coating is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, creating a situation where water will roll right off the surface of your vessel. Acting as a fortified layer of gel or clear coat, at a micro level, Acqua coating fills in the mars and imperfections of the substrate layer to create a perfectly smooth surface. Due to this, the coating reduces the surface tension of the vessel and offers increased fuel mileage and performance. The best part? Acqua coating is extremely easy to apply! One bottle of Acqua Coating is enough for a 20-25 ft. vessel. 

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