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Leather Armor

Leather Armor


Migliore Leather Armor is the pinnacle of protection against the constant abuse that the leather and vinyl upholstery is exposed to during daily driving. Leather Armor offers an unprecedented 1 year of protection, which is industry leading!

Migliore Leather Armor forms a semi-permanent protective barrier on leather and vinyl surfaces that resists staining caused by denim, dirt, grease, markers, juice, glue and more! Migliore Leather Coating is perfect for light colored leather because it protects against dye transfer from clothing. Migliore Leather Armor is the most durable leather protectant available. Unlike a conditioner that penetrates into the surface, Migliore Leather Armor forms a flexible shell of protection on top of the surface that prevents the leather’s natural oils from escaping in the first place, ensuring the leather retains its soft, tactile feel. Interiors that are coated with Migliore Leather Armor will be easier to maintain! Because the coating prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the leather, a damp microfiber towel is all it takes maintain the finish.

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