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Migliore Forte Coating

Migliore Forte Coating




Migliore Forte Coating is a unique graphene coating that utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver incredible depth and durability. Forte Coating is extremely easy to apply, has an extended leveling time of 5 minutes, and cures completely in 2 hours. You’ll find the modernization of this coating a joy to work with and apply, while offering unprecedented durability for years to come. Forte offers 3-5 years of durability, 9H hardness, and a 118° water contact angle to quickly repel debris.


What is a graphene coating, and why use it?


Graphene is the strongest material in the world, rated 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Graphene is a carbon-based allotrope that is one atom thick. The allotrope is arranged in a honeycomb structure that while extremely strong, maintains flexibility and does so by being the thinnest material available on the market today. Graphene reduces heat of the surface of your paint. Due to this, as well as the high water contact angle, the surface will be much less apt to incur water spotting. Many find with ceramic coatings spotting can occur if water beads in direct sunlight. This is due to the fact ceramics retain heat, while graphene reduces it. Due to the honeycomb structure with a tight molecular composition and little resistance, anti-static properties are high. The coating will actually repel dust, debris, and reduce the likelihood of marring. Being a stable compound, graphene is extremely easy to apply. The coating glides on easily with little resistance to the applicator pad. The coating can be spread in a faster manner, and cover distance more efficiently, due to a leveling period of up to five minutes. Lastly, the coating cures in short order at a time of 2 hours. With graphene scientifically proven to be the strongest, thinnest, material in the world, we would highly recommend you experience our Forte Coating as your coating of choice for years to come.



  • Size: 1 oz. bottle with applicator pad.
  • Can I add multiple coats: Yes, if desired you can add a second coat after 2 hours.
  • What is the optimum temperature for application: 60 - 80°F. Low humdity.
  • Can I add a coating 'topper' or maintenance spray: Yes, if desired you can coat with our Cima Sealant for maintenance and an additional slick feel.
  • When can I wash my car, or drive it in the rain: We recommend waiting 24 hours.

See more product photos and videos in action via our Instagram page:

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